Prolonging flooring with ceramic tile sealer

Prolonging flooring with ceramic tile sealer

There are many reasons to choose ceramic tile flooring. This low-cost flooring option brings flexible styles and durable structures. But ceramic tiles and sensitive grout can age prematurely when they’re being worn away by foot traffic, vehicles and other strains. Protecting this flooring starts by shopping our solutions at CoverTec Products. We’ve developed the best floor coating solutions and stain resistant coating products to protect your tiles. We have the perfect ceramic tile sealer for your flooring!

How can ceramic tile sealer save my floors?

Staining can happen to ceramic tiles and the grout that hold these tiles together. The porous nature of your tiles and grout can leave these surfaces susceptible to staining and even mold damage. At CoverTec Products, we’ve developed the best ceramic tile sealer in the industry.

Our GlazeGuard offers the best clear coat protection for your ceramic tile surfaces. There are many benefits to adding a coat of GlazeGuard to your ceramic tile floors, such as:

  • Reduction in floor care costs
  • Increased slip resistance
  • UV stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Stain fighting protection
  • Incredible abrasion resistance
  • Gloss retention
  • VOC compliance

With our GlazeGuard, your tile flooring can enjoy the utmost protection for long lasting solutions. Our GlazeGuard is non-yellowing, making it the perfect long term solution for your ceramic tiles.

GlazeGuard creates an impermeable layer above your ceramic tiles, helping to keep damage and staining at bay. Because GlazeGuard retains its gloss, you may find that your tile flooring is easier to clean than ever before!

Which stain resistant sealing products protect grout?

Whether you have lighter or darker grout between your tiles, you need to protect your grout as well. Our CT-Grout Colorant is a highly stable acrylic solution that penetrates deep into the grout. This brings a fresh new appearance to your existing grout lines. It also helps to prevent further deterioration of your grout, preventing discoloration in the future.

Keeping bacteria, staining and wear from damaging your ceramic tiles and grout flooring starts by finding the best stain resistant sealing products. At CoverTec Products, we’ve developed the best ceramic tile sealers and grout protection products to keep your flooring in great shape.

How can I place an order?

Protecting your flooring is easy! At CoverTec Products, we offer simple online ordering to help create the best flooring solutions for your needs. If you’re looking to order the best stain resistant sealing and coating products, you can do so by visiting our website anytime 24/7. Just click over to the “Buy Now!” section of our website to get the best products for your flooring.