Hardwood flooring is a perfect flooring solution

Choosing the best hardwood flooring for your home can be an exciting adventure, especially when armed with some essential facts about the material line. For instance, hardwood offers a lifespan that can easily surpass 100 years, is incredibly durable, and offers extensive visual options for every décor need. Read along to find out even more about these materials and how they can benefit you and your household.

Solid or engineered wood flooring?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to choosing solid or engineered wood flooring, and you may have those same questions. Solid wood is easily the longest-lived material in the product line, offering more than 100 years with proper installation and care. However, engineered wood flooring has excellent benefits as well. Created with layers of plywood and topped with a veneer of natural wood, you'll get all the same species, color, and finish choices with engineered wood. You can even refinish it a few times, depending on the thickness of the natural wood layer. It's an excellent alternative for below-grade installation and provides a wealth of additional benefits. Solid wood floors offer the through-and-through wood body, along with excellent durability, even in busy spaces. Species like oak are a great addition to living rooms, hallways, and dining areas, with extensive durability that works well for homes with pets and children. And you’ll love the way the materials change with age. Both materials must be acclimated before installation to avoid warping, cracking, or splitting. They can also both be refinished when wear begins to show. If you're ready to look further into hardwood flooring, feel free to stop by today to speak with a flooring specialist.

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Choosing wood floors is easier than you think

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