The unique PHS process


Why remodeling is not as straightforward as it seems

You’ve probably considered remodeling your home yourself, either on the interior, the exterior, or both. Buy some hardwoods, Install some backsplash and redo your cabinets. Why would you hire a professional to do it for you then? First of all, if you’re not experienced, it’s probably going to take you longer than you anticipated. Second, the simplest mistakes during the application process can result in unpleasant results and added costs down the road. And you’ll end up in the same place: frustrated, with a home you’re not proud of, and with your pocket emptied and no gain. When you trust and invest in professionals to do the professional work, you enjoy a long-lasting result, save money, and get more free time to spend doing the things that matter to you.

How our unique process works

The key element that sets us apart from our competitors is our process. In over 20 years of experience, we’ve fine-tuned and optimized every step. Our aim is to not only deliver an unmatched quality job, but also create an environment where you feel safe, understood, and appreciated. Below we’ve broken down the process so you know exactly what to expect from Premium Hard Surfaces if you choose us for your remodeling project.



We're here to help

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When you are ready to create your dream space, contacting us is as simple as:
* Filling out the contact form in our bio.
* Giving us a call at (813) 749-0852
* Visiting our Design Center located on 4408 W. Dr MLK in Tampa.


When it's time to gather the details of your project, our PHS team will reach out to you within the day of your inquiry in order to set up an in-person or virtual appointment.


Now comes the fun part: Come pick out your favorite hardwoods, backsplash, and tile/marble at our incredible Design Center. If you prefer we meet at your home, we will bring a variety of samples for you to choose from as we measure your space. Within a few days of this meeting, you will get an emailed estimate of your project with full details and possibly some mockups.


Step 5: Getting Your Job On The Calendar!

The next step is scheduling your project. We are usually booked out a few weeks in advance. Meanwhile, we’ll stay in touch via phone and email. Jr, our client liaison and project manager, will be in communication with you about what to expect and what you need to do to prepare for the project.

Step 6. Pre-Job Walkthrough

On the day your project is scheduled to start, you’ll meet with Fabiano, the owner, or Jr, the Project Manager You’ll also meet your foreman and the crew. We do a pre-job walkthrough to put everyone on the same page, and we’ll go over the scope of work and overall schedule.

Step 7: Preparation, Installation and Renovation Phase

Usually on the same day, we start protecting your property as we head into the bulk of the project. In this phase, installation of flooring, remodeling of kitchens, or whatever else your project needs will take place. This step is done on a schedule to ensure efficiency and time management

Step 8: Post-Job Walkthrough

We’re very proud of our efficiency. In fact, most of our customers are shocked by the timeline we give. They think a high-quality paint job must take weeks, or something’s not right. But by having a larger crew on each job allows us to finish your painting project in a third of our competitor’s time. When the painting is complete, we do a walkthrough and inspection with the whole crew to make sure everything is spotless.

Step 9: Follow up Phone Call or Visit + a Google Review

We like to go the extra mile for every one of our clients. That’s why within 3 days of project completion, Sandra or Jr. will check back in with you. We give our customers another chance to look around and make sure there aren’t any things we didn’t catch. If you loved our work, we will provide you with a Google Review link so you can share your experience with our company.

Step 10: Welcome Home!

Enjoy the freshness of your newly renovated home, knowing that on the outside it’s protected from the elements, while on the inside it’s personalized to your style and taste. Welcome to your new home!